Code of Conduct for Employees and
Cooperation Partners of Estanc


The mission of Estanc is to manufacture process equipment that supports the creation of a more sustainable world. We have issued Estanc Code of Conduct to help ensure that we can more effectively implement our mission and take responsibility for our words and actions.

The code is intended for the employees and cooperation partners of Estanc. It describes the values and behavioral norms we are committed to as a company on a daily basis and that we expect of our employees and partners. The principles of the code of conduct form an integral part of all contracts entered into between employees, suppliers and Estanc.

By complying with this agreement, we behave responsibly and contribute to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

Thank you for your partnership.

(Compliance with all laws, regulations and legal norms in force goes without saying. We do everything to avoid mistakes and we expect the same of our employees and partners. We do not consider it necessary to repeat such fundamental things. That is why this agreement focuses on moral and value-based behavioral norms, which need to be clarified for shared understanding.)


The code of conduct is based on the core values of Estanc:

Sustainability | Developmental attitude | Environmentally friendly | Honesty | Proficiency | Kindness

code of conduct




We think big. We want future generations to live on this planet at least as well as we currently do. That is why we try to create valuable products and provide services that will also help our partners contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society. To this end, we promise that:



We focus on areas that contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society

  • We support innovation and product development that will directly or indirectly lead to a more sustainable society.
  • We raise awareness of sustainability principles among our employees, their families, interest groups and the general public.
  • We take part in initiatives on sustainability and only support community initiatives that coincide with our principles of sustainability.

We consider the social, environmental and economic impact of each decision we make

  • We link our objectives and agenda with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • We assess the overall social and environmental impact of our actions and those of our partners; we draw attention to shortcomings and do not tolerate significant or lasting negative impact.
  • We use resources efficiently; we avoid wasteful activities.
  • We avoid greenwashing, i.e. we do not present opinions simply to boost our reputation. (We must always back up our words with concrete action.)


Developmental attitude

We think outside the box. As one team we are innovative and constantly look for new cross-sectoral solutions that can be applied in our production and business processes. This in turn creates innovation and generates new enthusiasm in the communities in which we operate. To this end, we promise that:



We look for innovative solutions in product development, manufacturing and business processes

  • We are open to new ideas and solutions; we implement innovative ideas in our work.
  • We support our customers in seeking innovative solutions.
  • We also share our innovative ideas with our partners to an extent that does not contradict anyone’s obligation to protect their business secrets.

We contribute our knowledge in support of the development of our field and the wider business environment

  • We initiate dialogue on key issues in our field of activity, the industrial sector and society at large.
  • We actively share our story and inspire and set an example to others.


Environmental friendliness

It is important to us that the negative impact on the environment of our actions and decisions is minimal. We contribute more than the minimum requirements of legislation require us to. We seek to ensure that our families, friends and business partners do the same. To this end, we promise that:



We will introduce new solutions that reduce the amount of natural resources, energy, waste and emissions we use and generate

  • We keep up with developments that are important to us and implement environmentally friendly technology and other solutions.
  • We take adequate precautionary measures to avoid environmental damage and to preserve wildlife.
  • We reduce and, where possible, avoid the use of hazardous materials and substances.

We raise awareness of environmental issues among employees and support environmentally friendly behavior both at work and in our private lives.

  • We regularly talk about environmental issues with our employees and organise awareness-raising events.
  • We do not accept environmentally harmful behavior of our employees.



Honesty and transparency in actions, decisions and statements form the basis of trust and a long-term relationship. We base our relationships on the principle of ‘cooperation, not competition’. We are always open and honest. To this end, we promise that:


We are open when communicating and we establish business relationships based on trust

  • We act in good faith and with goodwill.
  • We proactively share our plans and long-term intentions (both our business philosophy and our strategic business directions) to an extent that does not contradict anyone’s obligation to protect their business secrets.
  • In a situation of competition, we speak honestly about our objectives and actions and we direct parties to work together.

We take responsibility, keep our promises and commit to our responsibilities

  • We make realistic promises and regard them as responsibilities that we can fulfill.
  • We are proactive and thorough in communication: we justify our decisions, and when a problem arises we point it out it, preferably sooner rather than consciously putting off doing so.

We are honest and transparent in our decisions and actions

  • We do not give or take bribes or accept inappropriate gifts that may affect the independence of our decisions.
  • We always place the company’s business interests above our own personal interests in situations where the latter may harm the former.
  • We avoid any connection with corruption and money laundering.
  • We avoid presenting personally held political and religious beliefs as those of the employer.
  • We respect and protect the intellectual property of our company.
  • We comply with the rules in force on processing personal data and we guarantee the confidentiality of information.
  • We comply with all laws, regulations and legal norms in force.

We get interest groups and the wider public involved and we maintain an active relationship with them

  • We disclose truthful information about our activities and results to an extent that does not contradict our own or anyone else’s obligation to protect their business secrets.
  • We openly talk about our aspiration to mould a responsible business.
  • We guarantee sufficient information about our products and services to an extent that does not contradict Estanc’s or its partners’ obligation to protect our business secrets.
  • We set an example and encourage others to create an open and inclusive culture of communication.


We are good to work with – we are professionals and we offer quality services and products. We know our employees and customers and we do everything to understand their needs. We do not look for short-term revenue or cheaper prices when communicating with people: we appreciate the value of long-term relationships. To this end, we promise that:


We always bear the customer’s actual needs in mind

  • We always determine the customer’s actual needs, i.e. we establish contact with them and ask additional questions so as to see the bigger picture of the customer’s needs and the reasons for them.

We ensure that our services and products are safe, secure and of the highest quality

  • We apply management systems not to ensure formality, but practically, to ensure quality, safety and security for users of our products and services.

We ensure a secure, safe and healthy working environment

  • We have set an example with the safety, health and modernity of our working environment.
  • We contribute to improving our working environment on a daily basis.

We have high professional standards and are willing to share our knowledge with others

  • We constantly work to improve ourselves and share our knowledge and experience with others.
  • We speak publicly about issues that fall within our competence and in regard to which we have the relevant expertise.

We focus on long-term cooperation with partners who share the same values

  • We base our actions on our long-term objectives and beliefs, as opposed to maximising short-term profit.
  • We choose our partners on the basis of fundamental world-view values and business compatibility.
  • We do not work with partners whose management systems (including ethics, compliance with the law, safety, prevention of harm to the environment, employees’ rights and well-being and social relations) are lacking in important respects.
  • We support our partners’ ability to answer to the principles and responsible management practices included in this code of conduct.


We want contact with us to always offer a very good experience, be it involves employees, clients or partners. We rely on meeting individual needs and enriching our experience of being human. We therefore promise that:



We guarantee a client and employee experience that creates a success story

  • We are always open to feedback from clients and employees and we draw conclusions based on constructive feedback.
  • We focus on creating a pleasant client relationship throughout the company and in all our activities.

We treat each other with goodwill, dignity and respect

  • We respect human rights, diversity, multiplicity of opinions and employee rights.
  • We treat everyone equally and in a spirit of solidarity; we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment, and we pay fair remuneration for work done.

We look for ways to diversify our knowledge, experience and world view

  • We take the best of every opinion and combine it into a shared understanding in which no one’s opinion is more valuable than that of anyone else.
  • We do not take a hierarchical position in conversations.
  • We increase cooperation between teams with different roles.

We support an increase in employee motivation and growth in well-being

  • We recognize one another in the progress we make.
  • We respect the personal lives of employees and a balance between working life and private life.

What do we do if we in the case of non-compliance?

  • We notice when people are not complying with the code of conduct. We report them, and respect others who notice and report them. We ensure that conflicts of professional and personal interest are resolved fairly and ethically.
  • Should you need help interpreting the code of conduct, or notice any key parties failing to comply with it, contact the Sustainability Coordinator at Estanc

The code of conduct principles are based on the following international agreements and on the following standards we accept:
the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; the ILO Conventions; and the United Nations Global Compact. The code is based on principles complying with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 standards.


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