17. Partnership for the goals


  • Horizontal partners in the following countries: China, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland
  • We work with companies who have something to teach us and with whom we can share our knowledge
  • We are open to different organisations who might want to visit us
  • We are introducing a Code of Ethics that is related to our mission and vision and spread the message of sustainability throughout our supply chain to our suppliers as well as clients
  • We work with partners who manufacture/provide key equipment, tools or services to us (Pema, Fronius, Davi, Maus, Ahola, Sustinere, Lean, Lavii, etc.)
  • We hold an annual Mission Day, which is dedicated to looking for opportunities for cooperation with various target groups to promote the topic of sustainability
  • We organise at least one campaign per year to reach the general public and stand for building a more sustainable world


  • We are constantly looking for opportunities for being on the front line of the industry in the manufacturing of process equipment necessary for the implementation of environment friendly technologies and arising from regulations designed to protect nature
  • We buy components, details and services for our products from various suppliers on a global scale. In doing so we adhere to fair trade and anti-discrimination principles
  • If necessary, we involve partners in projects to solve problems that are beyond our capacity or our area of expertise


  • We work with the public sector to better understand global and regional trends and contribute, as appropriate, to making sure we are heading in the right direction
  • We are focussed on a society based on cooperation and not competition
  • We give speeches on a large variety of events and share our knowledge and experience on the principles of conducting successful business with the new generation #SCR
  • We talk about cooperation across fields and taking over the best practices to increase positive social impact and social cohesion in our business
  • We publish reporting on the basis of the triple bottom line to increase transparency and promote cooperation with different target groups


Other core SDG topics we commit to: