9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure


  • Use of rainwater to perform pressure tests
  • Efficient management of resources through the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX. Thanks to the accurate resource monitoring option in ERP we also use any residual materials in future projects
  • Handling of hazardous substances complies with ISO14001
  • Pickling facility complies with ISO14001

Resource-efficient factory:

  • The construction of the office is based on the principle of resource efficiency – the carpets are made of plastics cleared from the ocean; our architectural project is based on the sustainable use of materials (e.g. no tin plates on top of concrete, the inside walls have no finishing materials, installation of the green wall, etc)
  • Use of building automation (e.g. resource-efficient adjustment of indoor climate)
  • Visualisation of data through the Business Intelligent system Microsoft Power BI
  • Visual management of business processes through 2c8 software
  • Use of a SavePro vending machine
  • Cooperation with Etra Oy for RFID e-Warehouse
  • Internal communication through the Microsoft Teams platform
  • Special solutions such as camera app in the project folder, WPS, QR code reading of project drawings
  • Terminals in production for sending regular working time feedback and information on non-compliances


  • Our products help modernise the industry to make it more sustainable.


  • We work with Ahola Transport Oy to be one of the front runners applying future logistics solutions in our processes
  • Strategic cooperation with Pemamek Oy to increase technological capabilities
  • Strategic cooperation with Fronius GmbH to develop welding technology


Other core SDG topics we commit to: