3. Good health and well-being


  • We create a healthy and modern working environment for all our employees and continuously contribute to the development thereof
  • We offer health promoting and sports opportunities on favourable conditions
  • We provide to all employees a deeper level of intelligence healthcare background checks by occupational health doctors
  • We conduct annual internal campaigns to raise employee awareness and facilitate a healthy lifestyle
  • We measure the satisfaction levels of our employees on an annual basis and act accordingly to create a better working environment
  • We promote the mental well-being of our employees by offering professional counselling
  • We offer employees the opportunity to give blood in the workplace to the Estonian Blood Centre
  • We offer vaccinations during flu season
  • We offer employees free massages at the office
  • We offer opportunities for group recreational and sports activities
  • We work on reducing the number of occupational accidents and conduct thorough analyses of all accidents to prevent them from happening again
  • We buy all the electrical energy from renewable sources
  • We ensure environmentally beneficial storage conditions for hazardous chemicals
  • We sort waste responsibly


  • We help update factories to replace outdated technology


Other core SDG topics we commit to: