Estanc has a long history and international experience with large scale projects. Our diverse project selection includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers, scrubbers, chimneys, non-pressure tanks, LNG storage tanks and piping modules.

Estanc has the skills and authorization to manufacture equipment according to different licences for metal working and pressure vessels. Estanc’s portfolio includes more than 300 welding procedures and the list is continuously expanding.

We at Estanc are proud of our capability to manufacture products in different sizes and shapes – from carbon and stainless steel, extra corrosion and heat resistant steel, duplex, aluminum, titanium and clad materials. Our product spectrum is exemplified by the fact that the weight range with products shipped out from our facilities varies from 2 kg to 200 tons.

Special solutions are our specialty, so if you don’t find what you are looking for write or call us and we can find a solution.