We in Estanc believe that diversity and inclusion have utmost positive affect to the organization and customers, providing more experience and expertise coverage in critical areas and more importantly, sustains a sense of belonging. The people of Estanc are connected by sharing common values. Together we are building up a culture that will allow our company to be prepared for challenges ahead.

Today we’ll feature second story of the segment “Why I work for Estanc”. We’re happy to introduce you to Erko, who has found his passion in Estanc as a project manager. By managing day-to-day operations, the project management team as a whole is the head of our organisation, coordinating what hands and feet must do.

Meet Erko #Estancteam

Erko has been a part of #Estancteam for a little more than a year now. It seemed that it took no time for him to settle in. He has already made an important contribution to the success of Estanc’s project management. Erko has shown  great example endorsing and improving cooperation between departments.
At the end of 2018 Erko was voted by his peers as the best embodiment of our 2018 annual value “lust to learn”.



Erko’s positive and curious character is well illustrated by this short story of his first day in Estanc, when he and Jorma Laine – a Finnish engineer and salesman with more than 40 years of industrial experience, who is considered as one of the Scandinavia’s leading experts in heat exchangers – joined our company at the exact same time. It was Erko who, at the end of their first day at Estanc, kindly offered Jorma a ride, instead of him getting a taxi. Despite 45 years’ difference between the two, friendship, mutual understanding and a positive first encounter between the two future colleagues had been established.

The story describes perfectly why Erko is a good example of Estanc’s core values #Willingnesstocooperate.


“Working in Estanc empowers me to be myself. Great colleagues and constant development are guaranteed.” – Erko Hermann


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