Kalle PallingKalle Palling, a member of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) joins Estanc’s supervisory board in September 2019. 

“Kalle Palling’s extensive knowledge in politics, especially in energy, new economy, environment and foreign policy field will help us with the continuous improvement of our company strategy, positioning in foreign markets and product development,” says Estanc’s CEO Mihkel Tammo.

“Estonia’s research and product development potential in export markets is enormous, however the challenges of digitalising the industry and developing new products are also significant. One of the most important challenges for Estanc is to grow from a production company into a product company in order to remain most of the added value in the Estonian economy,” said Kalle Palling.

The supervisory board of Estanc consist of four members. In addition to Kalle Palling, the supervisory board includes Raigo Tammo, Herty Tammo and Anti Tammo.


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