In 2016, Estanc developed a new mission statement which defines the organization’s purpose „To manufacture process equipment, that supports the creation of a more sustainable World“. In May 2019, Estanc’s team is joined by a Sustainability Coordinator Erika Pihl.

Sustinability coordinator

The mission statement extends furthermore, combining the long-term interests of business, community and the natural environment, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Since 2016, Estanc has consistently integrated sustainability into its business and constantly improving the strategies to create tomorrow’s measures.

For the first few years, the focus was on reducing unsustainability – new office building, improved production facilities and processes, resource efficiencies and a lot more.

During this period, Estanc has been awarded with Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) badge, Familyfriendly employer badge, diversity label Respecting Differences, participated in World Cleanup Days, planted more than 150 trees in our community, became a member of Estonian Association for Environmental Management, using electricity produced from 100% Renewable energy sources etc. Still we consider it to be only a beginning.

Ready to create sustainability 

Now Estanc sets its focus on creating sustainability. We are beyond excited to announce that since May 2019, we’ve hired a Sustainability Coordinator, Erika Pihl. Erika’s role in this completely new position will be implementing plans of actions to improve an organization’s sustainability. For example, looking at methods of encouraging sustainability at all levels of the business and linking different departments to achieve their sustainability goals.

“My journey has been exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to see the world, live in Argentina for 5 years which has given me courage, experience and passion to contribute to something meaningful. I’m excited for my upcoming journey in Estanc, to motivate the team to continue and become sustainability champions,” says Erika.

 Estanc’s sustainability approach – coming soon!

Over the last several months, a lot of thought and effort has gone to create Estanc’s sustainable development strategy and agenda, which incorporates UN Sustainable Development Goals into our business plans. The SDGs serve as guidelines to assess and manage social, economic and environmental risk. We are also at the end stages of creating Code of Conduct, which is one of the ways we put Estanc’s values into practice. CoC sets out standards of behaviors for our employees, business partners and suppliers to maintain trust.  Stay tuned!


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