With the addition of Priit Haldma as CFO 6 months ago and Simo Eiert in November as COO Estanc has now successfully completed the board of Estanc.


Board members from left CFO Priit Haldma, CEO Mihkel Tammo, COO Simo Eiert

CEO Mihkel Tammo: ”Estanc relies on our talented team in fulfillment of our mission and vision every day. As a cornerstone for our success we have always had well diverse Leadership team that has furious and longstanding experience on the one hand and fresh blood and ideas working side by side on the other.

Until recently we were lacking a well functioning board as a structure in our chain. As realisation has arrived that family company needs a strong non family board, I was determined to bring that level to Estanc’s daily decision making.

I am really inspired that we have managed to acquire such talent that Priit and Simo can bring and I see that we are perfect match as we complete each other in our strengths and weaknesses and on the areas of expertise. I see the importance of Estanc having a well operating board as a key to our future success and I am extremely satisfied with the results we have gotten together this far.”

Stay tuned for big news Estanc’s board is cooking and preparing to present You. All for the manufacturing service par excellence.


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